Legislation: Call for nominations to Legal Practice Council

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Legislation: Call for nominations to Legal Practice Council

call for nominations in respect of the 10 attorneys and six advocates to be elected to the South African Legal Practice Council was published yesterday in the Government Gazette, reports Pam Saxby for Legalbrief Policy Watch. According to a Department of Justice and Constitutional Development notice explaining the procedures to be followed, nomination forms have already been faxed or e-mailed to all members of the legal profession expected to participate in the process. They are provided below for the convenience of Legalbrief Today readers and should be delivered or e-mailed to the National Forum on the Legal Profession by 14 September.

A preamble to each form draws attention to the provisions of sub-sections 7(2) and (3) and section 8 of the 2014 Legal Practice Act – among other things requiring the council to be demographically and regionally representative and specifying preferred areas of expertise, as well as the criteria to be met by all council members. Public servants, MPs, the members of provincial legislatures, municipal councillors and the office bearers and employees of party-political organisations are prohibited from serving on the new regulatory body.

Nomination form for attorneys

Nomination form for advocates

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