Mooney Ford


State security link in CJ break-in claimed

Suspicions that the break-in at the offices of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng was no run-of-the-mill burglary have been firmed up as details emerged yesterday that the […]

ICC withdrawal may be unconstitutional – Yacoob

Former Constitutional Court Justice Zak Yacoob, who last week threw his weight behind a campaign to stop the government leaving the International Criminal Court, has suggested […]

Tackling ‘lawfare’ issue on ANC ‘to do’ list

Enhancing SA’s democratic institutions, including the judiciary; finding ways to bring the media to heel; sorting out the land issue; and economic policy based on the […]

Presidency ‘unaware’ of Hulley’s secret grants meetings

The Presidency claims to be unaware of secret meetings that President Jacob Zuma’s lawyer Michael Hulley had with SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) officials on the […]
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