Mooney Ford


Legislation: Electoral Laws Amendment Act gazetted

Once in force, the Electoral Laws Amendment Act gazetted yesterday will amend the 1996 Electoral Commission Act, the 1998 Electoral Act and the 2000 Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act […]

Edward Zuma given seven days to settle hate speech fine

Edward Zuma, the son of former President Jacob Zuma, has been given seven days to pay the balance of a R60 000 fine for hate speech. […]

Legislation: Input sought on FICA compliance guidance papers

The Financial Intelligence Centre has called for comment by 10 January 2019 on two draft guidance papers on complying with the requirements of specific sections of […]

There will be no arbitrary seizures of property

While substantive land reform must be undertaken, this must be done in a rule-governed manner and in ways that reinforce the transformational imperative so well expressed […]
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