Mooney Ford


Magistrates in hot water over court room smart phones

A Cape Town magistrate is in trouble for allegedly texting during a court hearing. A TimesLIVE report notes that the Magistrates’ Commission yesterday confirmed that it has launched […]

Workers could be worse off with minimum wage exemptions

The exemption provided for in regulations under the National Minimum Wage Act means that workers in some sectors will, in effect, be earning poverty wages. Business Day reports […]

Legislation: State-owned banks fundamental to transformation

There will be no time for ideological debates about the merits or otherwise of state-owned banks during deliberations on clauses in the Financial Matters Amendment Bill seeking to […]

Will Agrizzi’s testimony be used to fry ‘bigger fish’?

Even if the ‘explosive’ testimony of former Bosasa executive – Angelo Agrizzi – before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture is overwhelmingly true, it […]
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