Mooney Ford


Reduce monopolies in financial sector – MPs report

Parliament’s Finance and Trade and Industry committees have recommended in their report on financial sector transformation that the government and other relevant institutions need to focus […]

Zuma’s ‘bitter fiscal medicine’ won’t work – economists

In what is seen by economists as ‘bitter fiscal medicine’, which in the absence of growth-boosting economic reforms would not be able to win over the […]

Ground-breaking test on allocation of police resources

A ground-breaking case in which activist groups seek a declaration that the allocation of police resources in the Western Cape unfairly discriminates against black and poor […]

Law firm’s alleged role in SARS saga exposed

A Scorpio report on the Daily Maverick site focuses on the role played by international law firm Hogan Lovells in helping SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane to mislead the public into […]
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