Mooney Ford


Unions dispute ‘bloated public sector’ claims

A crucial test for the administration of President Cyril Ramaphosa will be how it deals with the ballooning public sector wage bill that threatens to eat […]

Legislation: Longer process to pre-empt Minimum Wage Bill challenges

In considering the ‘avalanche of oral and written submissions’ on the National Minimum Wage Bill, Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill and Labour Relations Amendment Bill, National Assembly Labour Committee […]

Postponement of NMW rollout mostly welcomed

The agreement to postpone the 1 May implementation of the national minimum wage was long overdue, stakeholders said. Business Day reports that they, earlier in the week, raised […]

Policeman’s blood found at Glebelands shooting scene

The blood of a police officer, accused of a string of murders at the notorious Glebelands Hostel in Umlazi, was found at one of the shooting […]
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