Mooney Ford


SCA mulls right to review President’s Cabinet decisions

Judgment has been reserved by the SCA in the case between the President and the DA over the releasing of a record for his decision that […]

Role of law firms under scrutiny

Under the heading, Gupta Inc: The Lawyers, the Daily Maverick has launched a new series that examines the role lawyers have played in the state capture saga at the […]

Justice system failing women – angry mother

The family of murdered Maties student Robyn Pearce (20) has lashed out at the country’s justice system, accusing it of not taking women into consideration. A Cape […]

Jubilation amid lingering concerns as IPP agreements signed

Reaction to last week’s signing of agreements between government and IPP producers has been overwhelmingly positive, writes Legalbrief, with a few detractors from the trade union and […]
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